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The jazzily-named Wright Sock Ant-Blister Double-Layer Running Lo-Quarter Sock. It's still a sock. But perfect for heat running.

Review: Wright Sock for Running

There are more varieties of the Wright Sock than I care to mention these days, so I’ll stick to the core product – the original WrightSock Anti-Blister Double Layer Running Lo-Quarter Sock. ...

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BluBlocker Viper sunglasses are ideal for heat runners, as they dissipate light and stay glued to your head. Who knew QVC sold something good?

Review: BluBlocker Viper Sunglasses

When you run in the heat, you usually run in the sun. Over the years I’ve owned a dozen different pairs of sunglasses, but for the last six or seven I haven’t ...

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Terminator 6 bottle 48oz Hydration System

Review: Fuel Belt ‘Terminator’ 48oz Hydration System

Running in the heat is hard enough without having to carry your own water. But if you’re ever heading off the road and away from car support, that’s exactly what you’ll have ...

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Great for grilling, less impressive for running, the ThermaPen by Thermoworks.

Review: Thermoworks ThermaPen

In my quest for an ultra-accurate thermometer for use in extreme conditions, I finally discovered the ThermaPen. With a range from -58F to 572F, it promised to endure long after I expired ...

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