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129.2 degrees Fahrenheit on June 29th 2013 - the hottest day on Earth?

The World Record Hottest Mile?

Although Guinness decided that it would be ‘too hard’ to qualify future attempts, we believe that the 129F 2013 mile was the hottest ever run by a human being.

To begin with, 129F ties for the hottest day on earth in modern times. (Christopher Burt of Weather Underground also strongly suspects that the 131F and 134F – the current record holders – at Greenland Ranch in the 1930’s were erroneous.) Secondly, there is no suggestion that anybody was out running back then.

Above is the edited version – below is the full, rather dull video. It’s not as much fun as the others as I had it shot purely to demonstrate to the record-keepers that I did indeed run the full distance.

2013 Darth Valley Challenge Video

Also, here is the GPS record of the run, for those who are interested.

2013 Official GPS Record.

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